Monday, March 27, 2023

Chambers, AZ to Albuquerque, NM


Garmin Stats and Maps

Chambers to Gallup, NM

Gallup to Grants, NM

Grants to Albuquerque, NM

Considering, there wasn't anything but a gas station and a hotel in Chambers, the room was surprisingly comfortable. Some hotel rooms have a few extra amenities that can make a big difference. There were plenty of outlets to easily charge all my gadgets and e-assist batteries. I got there early enough to be leisurely through all my daily chores.

Rearview mirror scenery

Ride to Gallup video

I got ready to ride but had to wait for some hail in the morning. It didn't take long for the sun to reappear. The roads were wet from overnight rains. Boy o boy, it was a cold start. I rode on the noisy I-40 all day. The weather kept changing all day. When the sun went behind clouds, the temperature dropped. There was hail and even snow flurries as I came to New Mexico. It's always exciting to cross a border into a new state. 

Gallup, NM is not a very attractive town. Knowing I had lots of miles tomorrow, I rode through the whole town to the east side stopping at a Day's Inn. The rooms are on the inside and I had to lock Myrtle in the lobby. There is a 24-hour front desk person and a surveillance camera. Food choices were limited. I could have taken a shuttle to the local casino but walked to Blake's burger instead. I bought a burrito for dinner and a burrito for breakfast. Neither was good.

Route 66 bygone business

Quaint church

Ride in Grants video

The ride was shorter into Grants, NM. As usual, there were big winds. I had a strange interaction with a hotel owner looking for a room. I stopped at the Sands Motel on the west side of town. The motel was fairly run-down. The man said $50 and I got checked in. Then I looked at the room. It was much too small to keep Myrtle inside and I didn't like the look of the neighborhood to keep her outside. I asked about a bigger room and he wanted $85 and wouldn't negotiate. I asked for a refund and continued riding to a Motel 6. These owners were very nice and gave me a cleaning rag to wipe Myrtle down before I brought her into the room. This is something I really like to do. They charged $63 for a modern comfortable room where Myrtle fit.

Lots of lava beds in the area

Pay attention to stay on the route

Simple scenery

Ride to Albuquerque (Laguna)


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My ride the next day was only to Laguna. Route 66 was so smooth and quiet. It felt great to be off I-40 for the whole day. I loved it. I also had a nice tailwind and warmer temperatures. Being warmer was such a relief. I had many wonderful interactions throughout the ride. I stopped at the Mustang trading post to use the bathroom and get some water. As I was just starting out again, a man stopped to give me $20. He didn't ask about my trip or the trike. In fact, he didn't say anything at all. There was a very nice and long bike path into Laguna where I met Pastor Tom who is a triker and offered to host me in Albuquerque. We met a Laguna Burger and got the trike and trailer loaded up into his truck. Pastor Tom and his wife, Melanie, are very generous. They have a comfortable home giving me my own room and bathroom. It felt good to get off the road for a few days. My timing couldn't have been better as a big storm was coming through for the next few days.

Pastor Tom loading up Myrtle and the Trailer

Enjoying a glass of wine with Melanie and Pastor Tom


  1. Wow, that mud on I-40 was unreal! Very happy the crew picked you up and got you to a better place to continue your journey, your probably halfway thru TX. by now hope the weather is getting warmer but it seems like it's being more of a PITA than usual! Have a great day! BJ and Jo Ondo, YouTube "Out and About on the Recumbents", Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    1. Thanks! Yes, this tour has really been a suffer-fest. Yes, I've still got mud under my fenders! All the supportive comments on my blog, youtube and Facebook have been a lifesaver.

  2. I often wonder what you feel in those long stretches of open road where you’re just spinning pedals?
    And thanks for sharing your journey with us. I’ve ridden across by bicycle. I’m gearing up now to ride all 48 States by trike. Hopefully our paths will cross one day out there πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ¦΅πŸΎπŸ«πŸ«€☀️⛰️🦢🏽✌🏾😊

    1. Wow- all 48 states tour is a huge undertaking. Best of luck!