Saturday, March 24, 2007

Resolving Health Issues

The last 6 weeks or so have been tough physically. It has, seriously, been one thing after another. I'm not used to being sick so this has really worn me down. First I had a cold that took a couple of weeks to get over and then there was the flu. I think I threw my back out throwing up. Once I felt better I was so excited I went out and played tennis and then cleaned the house. I knew I was in trouble when I couldn't get the vacuum cleaner up the stairs. I still played tennis even though I was having trouble standing up. Actually, I played a couple of doubles matches wearing those heated Thermacare pads and
somehow we managed to win. It probably delayed recovery though as I have been to the chiropractor, message therapist and acupuncturist countless times over the past month to get relief. It is finally loosening up and I'm almost 100%. Last weekend I managed a 32 mile ride with a good group of OHPVers and the slugs. It was a gorgeous day. I think the biking helped. I've also been swimming and taking epsom salt baths. I going to start working on my abs and doing some strength training this week. I'll be taking it slow to insure there aren't any relapses.

Quiet time

Yesterday, I took my cat Ro to the vets to be put down. She has been a dear, dear friend for over 16 years. What a love and a little sweetie!! Her kidneys and liver had been failing for the last 6 months and it seemed she was in a lot of pain whenever she used the box. Animals tend to have a higher threshold for pain and I'll bet she was in more than she let on. Thursday afternoon the pain appeared to be worse than before and I couldn't take it anymore. I called the vet to make an appointment to talk about putting her down. I wasn't sure it would happen on Friday but in the morning I went to the bathroom and discovered Ro had sprayed diarrhea all over a wall. Poor little thing!! That was a clear sign it was time to put her down. Larry Pike met me at the vets. It was nice to have his support - not having to do it alone. The vet gave her a shot and she was gone within seconds. I think she was gone before the vet finished giving her the shot. She quietly fell asleep in my arms. It felt very humane. Crying as we left the room, I gave her one last kiss, sniff and pet. I know she will always be with me. It sure is quiet around the house without her.