Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Many, Many Rides

I've been riding almost daily since the beginning of the month. I started keeping track of the miles on Bike Journal and already have over 200 miles accumulated for the month. The weather has been so beautiful and promises to continue for the rest of the week. A week ago Saturday I did the loop around Portland paths and met a lot of people. I also got stung by a wasp. It stung bad for about 20 minutes and then turned into a 3 inch welt on the side of my thigh. I was wearing regular shorts and the wasp flew in. Yeow!! This ride was 45 miles and I did it on Sunday too. I stopped into Performance bikes shop to get a lock and when I used it I set it up wrong and it was useless. Sunday I went back to get a replacement. They were nice about it and gave me one at 1/2 price. I also got a flat. This was my 2nd flat on the road and the same tire. Its the tire that rolls closest to the edge of the road where most of the debris is. My biggest problem with riding isnt the riding or the hills but keeping track of my stuff. Seems like I can't be bothered to zip up my rear rack bag after I use stuff. Luckily I started using a yellow rain cover so I didn't lose anything. Sometimes I look down at my fanny pack and its wide open too. So wierd!!

I need to get a new phone. My current one still works but to has broken in two peices. I'm thinking about getting a phone to send and recieve emails and has wi-fi. Mostly, I thinking about next summers bike ride. Getting a phone to keep the journal up to date instead of getting a computer. Still thinking about it...

I rode out to Battleground Saturday. It wasn't supposed to rain but about 20 minutes in the rain started. The weather is supposed to be nice for another week and I haven't put the front fenders on yet - what a mess!! I stopped at Battlegrounds for a soy latte and let my jacket dry out a bit. The idea was to go up Kelly Rd hill - I'll get there next time. I also lost traction going up a short very steep hill on the way back. Not good!! I ordered a new tire with tread and kevlar belt for the back tire and a rain jacket.

Yesterday I went for my yearly MRI and blood work appointment. I'll get the results on Thursday and see if the tumor removal and hormone levels are still doing good. The surgery was over 3 years ago and every year I've felt better and better. Especially emotionally. I don't have the ups and downs I used to have. The only issue left is weight. I'm hoping all the biking will help. I just cracked 200 and the numbers are going in the right direction. It feels doable - maybe I'll lose wieght riding around the country - you think?

Now I'm off the watch the c and b city league teams.