Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Join My 2023 Tour


Would you like to be a part of my USA tour?

A fellow trike rider and app developer, Andy, volunteered to design a contact form. If you would like to meet up, host me or ride together during my 9,000 mile Moto-Myrtle USA trike tour please click on the link below to complete the contact information form. Let's Ride!

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Andy O'Neil has, very generously, volunteered to design the form and set up a separate database for my tour. He is a guy who makes technology easy. I have been wanting a form like the one Andy designed and developed for many, many years. From the moment I expressed what I wanted, Andy completely understood the need and even thought of more uses for the form that will benefit my tour further. Here is additional information about Andy. He has been an absolute delight to work with.

Andy's website: https://weblytica.com/ 


YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@automate-your-business

See y'all on the road, let's ride!


  1. Thank you Sylvia for the kind words. I'm excited to help and watch you on your 2023 tour!

  2. We were wondering how to contact Sylvia to offer our support and assistance on her trip through Missouri. Thanks!

  3. Come-on Moto-Myrtle ... Let Go ...

  4. If there was no Atlantic between us I would like to join you. Ride safe and look forward to follow you.

  5. Hello there if you hadn’t heard the PA GAP will be closed soon until April due to repair work

  6. I would like to plan to ride on the return trip, but cannot ascertain your potential route. Can you help me out? Jim from Three Wheels of the Bitterroot.

  7. Question - where and when do you stop to pee? We dont see that on YouTube. Also your aunt Eve says your music gets too loud on the videos