Camping in New Zealand

Gear I've used since I started touring in 2007 and my current kit. I'm always changing things up.


MacBook Pro 13" 16GB ram and 500 GB SS HD
GSlim .5 TB external SS HD
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Garmin Edge 510
Olympus OMD M5 MkII mirrorless with 12-40 lens
Sony Action helmet cam HDR-AS100VR
Monopod stick for Action cam
Outlet adapter for foriegn countries
Power strip with 4 outlets and USB connector
Bose Noise canceling ear buds
Ipod Nano
Tripod with extra piece of plastic for table top mount
Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries with charger
itouch 4
Garmin 705
Asus eeePC
Verizon Mifi and cell phone
Amazon Kindle ereader
V.I.O. pov hd helmet camera
ipod shuffle
Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS30 camera with 32 GB card and extra battery
Google Nexus 7
Macbook Air 13” laptop

Camping Gear:

Thermarest Xtherm pad
Western Mountaineering 20 degree Alpinlite down bag
Silk liner for sleeping bag
xl cup for cooking pot
Big Agnes Copper Spur 2 person tent and footprint
Planetary Designs french press mug
Sanifresh fud
REI air pillow and pillow case
Trangia alcohol stove and fuel
Snowpeak titanium stove + fuel canister
Regular metal fork, spoon and sharp chopping knife in a sheath
Feathered Friends 30 degree sleeping bag
Big Agnes Copper Spur 1 person tent + footprint (Not for Asia tour)
Exped Synmat ultralight pad
Spork and spatula knife
Swiss army knife with beer and wine opener
Platypus wine preserver bladder
Exped downmat 7 sleeping pad (US tour)

Trike and Accessories:

(Current touring trike has no motor)
HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs 20
Son hub dynamo with front and rear B&M Lumotec lighting system
Avid BB7 mechanical brakes
Ortlieb recumbent bags
Ortlieb 31 liter rack bag
Arkel Handlebar bag and a Terracycle side seat mount (camera and day bag)
Camelbak 3 liter bladder and unbottle bag
Smokey Mtn large side pod bags
Smokey Mtn very small bags that hang across the seat
Radical Design Solo Aero pods for hardshell seat

(I used a Greenspeed GTO from 2005-2010. I added a motor and Cargo Monster for one 6,000 miles tour in the US)

Greenspeed GTO with SRAM 3 speed internal hub
Magura hydraulic disc brakes
Son hub dynamo with B&M Lumotec lighting system
Dahon Biologic Recharge from dynamo hub with USB outlet
Cargo Monster
Xtracycle bags
Large blue Ikea plastic bags inside Xtracycle bags
Myrtle the Turtle waterproof blanket to cover Xtracycle bags

Electric Assist:

700 watt Ecospeed mid-drive motor
Cycle Analyst
2 - 36V 10 amp hour Ping batteries
2 - 5 amp battery chargers
2 Arkel trike triangle bags for battery storage

Clothes List

2 neck gaitors (pink and purple)
cycling shoes (nashbar ragsters)
2 jerseys (pink and yellow - reverse gear)
2 compression cycling shorts (aerotech)
warp around skirt (terry)
rain coast/pants (columbia)
waterproof socks (sealzskins) + liner socks
very thin balaclava
thin skull cap
ultralight wind breaker (columbia)

black long pants (columbia)
long sleeve blue shirt (columbia)
2 thin short sleeve tops (blue/purple columbia)
long sleeve thin pull-over 3/4 zip (purple patagonia)
long sleeve thin pull-over 3/4 zip (pink columbia)
TOT sleep top
compression and regular undies
2 bras
thick sleep socks
2 short socks
advanced pants
baseball cap
capri pants


  1. I used a 500W hub motor into the 16" wheel on my BOB trailer, 36v 10ah lit-ion battery mounted to the trailer deck. The E-BOB was a powerful assist and had lots of torque. I could get over 100k on a single charge (used for hill assist only), when the battery was new.

  2. I really like the idea of e-assist and think there are lots of good uses for it. Trailer motors are another good idea. I just didn't like e-assist for touring. My Greenspeed GTO trike with the Cargo Monster, motor and batteries weighed in at 105 lbs and that was before adding any gear. This thing was a beast. There were too many things to keep track of. Lots of cheap Chinese parts needed replacing on the road. But mostly, I was so worried every day how far I could get before needing to charge up and making sure I could get somewhere there were outlets. I had to be so careful with the juice my average speed only increased by 2 mph. I can see using e-assist again just not for touring.

  3. al grasso11:42 AM

    Just curious why you switched to scorpion from greenspeed. I am getting ready to tour and have an old greenspeed GTR

    1. I actually lost so much weight that the Greenspeed became to big. I decided to go with the Scorpion because of the suspension.

  4. Hello Sylvia, I am looking at Utah trikes and their Revolution Defiance FS Full Suspension Recumbent Trike. What do you think? You can pm me from facebook if you would rather talk/type more openly. Also I was thinking of then adding the 8FUN Mid-Drive Electric Bicycle Kit like the ones I saw in Portland. With my health issues I need to have a backup. Keep on rolling mama :-)
    From Sadie & Sylvia in Seattle

    1. Utah Trikes is really good to deal with. I don't know anything about the Revolution Defiance or the 8FUN drive. Sorry for the late reply - I just saw this....

    2. The 8fun (aka Bafang) units, even in 350w form are stupendously capable in stock form, if you don't want to change gear. My friend was able to ride his up Baldwin St (steepest paved street in the world) with the bafang 46t front chainring, 32t rear on a 26" wheel. It took him 90 seconds or so.

      The problem is that they are incompatible with a front derailleur and have no (stock) provision for cutting their considerable power on shifts automatically. If you were to fit the smallest chainring that can fit on a bafang (38t) and combine it with an 11-40 rear cassette on a 26" wheel you would be unstoppable and still have flat-battery appropriate gearing.

      Also they stop assist at 85-90rpm due to motor constraints.

  5. Hello Sylvia
    Just caught wind of your current exploit! I'm pondering a similar adventure. Are you traveling alone? I have a trike as well but it's actually a DF velomobile but I don't that machine would be the best choice in traveling through Central America. Thoughts?
    Thank you

  6. Hey Don! Thanks for following along and commenting. A DF sure is a nice velomobile and I don't see why you couldn't use it for touring. I think the biggest issue would be the heat. I love velos but I've never ridden one. My impression is they can get very hot inside. Central America is a very hot place. In fact, on this tour I didn't bring camping gear because of the heat and am I'm staying in hotels. There have been a few places where distances were too far to the next hotel and I've taken transport, mostly shuttles. The trike can easily fit in the cargo area of a bus or on top of a shuttle. I suppose a velo could as well. And, of course, I'm sure you are a much stronger rider and can do much longer distances than I can. I am so slow that I travel alone. It seems no one can handle my slow speed. Luckily, I alright with my own company and the freedom of solo travel. Best of luck, take care, Sylvia