Monday, July 10, 2006

bump in the road

It has been hot. Too hot for riding. Friday I went pedalling and got a case of heat rash. I was out for less than 1 1/2 hours and started getting that wierd feeling in my head and red splotches on my legs. It was a nice ride though. Went down Bridgeport Rd to 1665 and turned right on South Benson Rd. Came across a lovely neighborhood which I explored before turning back. I rode past a herd of at least 60 cows and I think every cow was staring at me. Too bad I didn't have my camera. Again, I saw people driving past me smiling at the trike. It must be such an odd sight.

I talked to Deborah again yesterday about moving here and she really doesn't want me staying in her house. She is so worried we won't get along and it will affect our relationship. She insists I'll be happier in Louisville. The problem I'm having with moving to Louisville is I don't know anyone in Louisville. The tennis club is great, the neigborhood is really nice but it will take me over a year to feel comfortable there. Do I really want to move some place where I don't know anyone? It would be an easier transition if I could live with Deborah and find my way around Louisville before living there. She is so busy with her property I don't know how much we would see each other. I guess I could drive over to Frankfort on weekends to see her. Of course, we would probably spend most of the time working on her place. It feels really lonely. This isn't what I had in mind. Again, I'll see how I feel about the move when I get back to Vancouver but today I'm concerned this move isn't a good idea. I'm pretty down about it today.

I spent a lot of time today trying to figuring out how to get the trike back to Vancouver. It comes with a video describing how to break it down into 2 suitcases that can be checked on an airplane. It gives the sizes of the suitcases as well - it just doesn't say where to get them. I'm looking for the old style cloth suitcases with one zipper. I went to Goodwill, a couple of pawnshops and a collectables shop with no luck. I found suitcases but they were too small. Everything now has wheels and a long collapsible handle. I found a bike website that has the right size but I don't think I can get it shipped to me in time. I'll check with UPS and see what they can do for me tomorrow. If I can get it shipped back arriving a couple of days after my return that will be ok too. I'm eager to try taking the trike apart - the video makes it look totally doable. I'm also looking forward to riding it in Portland.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kentucky dawg encounter

Monday, I went for a ride and Julie for a jog. I went out Bridgeport rd across US 60 and then down Brown's ln. I followed it about 2 miles when it turned to gravel and ended on someone's property. Of course a couple of dogs came running out to me. They seemed friendly until I backed up the trike to turn it around. There was an old irish setter and younger dalmation. The dalmation didn't like me backing up and bit me on the back of my upper left arm. I'm so low to the ground my arm was right at snout level. It was pretty hard but didn't break the skin - a strong warning. I reached down and blew my airzound horn and both of them ran off. I didn't waste any time getting out of there. Once I got back on the pavement I was able to look at the bite marks closer. I thought if the skin was broken I'd probably have to go the hospital for some kind of shots. So, all in all it could have been worse. I really feel it was my own fault for riding on the property. Those dogs were just doing thier job. When the road goes to gravel - beware!! I rode back out to Bridgeport Rd and then down 1667 for a couple of miles and turned around. Rode to the end of Bridgeport Rd and then turned around and headed home.

Rode 10.7 miles
Average 8.7 mph
Max speed 31 mph

Visit to the Tennis Club

Saturday, the three of us drove into Louisville and did a tennis clinic or 'fast feed' as they are called here. I wanted Deborah and Julie to see the facility and get thier opinion. It is a beautiful facility. The clinic was out on the clay. Julie and I borrowed a couple of racquets and were introduced to Steve and Rick - the two pros working the clinic. There were probably about 25 people out on 3 courts. It wasn't a fast as I had hoped but everyone was so friendly. Most players were in the 3.0 - 3.5 range and about our age. It was mostly men which was nice. I'm so used to playing with all women. There were 4 guys that were trying to get Julie's attention - she didn't even notice. Deborah stayed in a covered sitting area between the courts and took pictures and yelled out commentary. I'll post some soon. Deborah's called her friends Bronny and Eddie who dropped by towards the end. Afterwards, we had a terrific lunch at the Captain's Quarters on the Ohio river. More pictures. It was good to meet them.

Jules Comes For a Visit

My dear friend Julie drove down from Chicago to visit and help me figure out the move. We had good day of shopping in Louisville the first day. We talked alot about how I felt about being in Kentucky and if I could see myself here. I thought I could. But I've been here for a week and Deborah hasn't really talked about my moving here yet. I kept bringing up some aspect of moving here and the conversation would just flop around on the floor and die a quick death. Something wasn't right. We both felt that she really does want me to move here but something was troubling her about it. Deborah absolutely loves Julie and I knew Julie would be able to get it out of her. Julie and I have an exercise we do called 'going to the board' when we need to work out a problem. I had told Deborah we would be doing this and she was interested in joining in. Basically, we talk through a situation throwing out all angles writing them down. So, I went to the board with the move. Why did I want to move? Why now? Why Frankfort? Why leave Portland? If not Frankfort - where? That sort of thing. Originally, when I had talked to Deborah about moving to Kentucky I talked about living with her in Frankfort. She has a large home with lots of acreage. My thinking was that we could support each other financially and emotionally. As we went to the board about it it became clear that Deborah really does want me to live here just not with her. Ok - now we are getting somewhere. I don't know how long it would have taken to get that information without Julie. It was a big relief and gave me a new direction to go. I got me to thinking if the move would still be meaningful if I wasn't living with Deborah. Could we still have a support network? I decided we could.